We had been having a class reunion of the Schulte Class of 1960, at five
year intervals for many years. However, our next reunion will be at
a six years instead of the five years.

We had a committe meeting on Thursday, May 14, 2020, and at that
meeting we decided it was too uncertain, pertaining to the
COVID-19. We felt it would be safer to postpone our 60 year
reunion to a 61 year reunion the end of July, 2021.

However, we are planning to attend Mass at St Margaret Mary
Church, 7th and Voorhees Street, at Four PM on Saturday,
July 25, 2020, and then go to eat SOMEWHERE, to be decided
soon. Anyone who can come, is most welcome. Please let
me know if you can join us.

Pegg Shook-Osman

Class of 1960 - 55th Class Reunion
July 25, 2015

Class of 1960

Margaret Diver-Mastros /John Gedrick / Peggy Shook-Osmon /John Pfister /Clint Crockett / Tony Cahill /Bernie Bray /Cookie Thompson-Dooley /Diane Elmerick-Trackwell /Lloyd Utz /Patty Allen /Larry Thomas /Patty Taylor-Cannon /Jerry Hellmann / Kay Codding-Benson /John Kovach /Katie Osborn-Templeton /Rita Fisher-Persinger /Losi Bronnert-Walsh /(Behind Lois is Barbara Schneider-Lindemen) /Martha Kulinski-Dowell /Patty Thompson-Swain /Jean Kleine-Litchfield /Linda Davis-Hawkins /(Behind Linda is Jack Duby) /Mary Ann Kelly-Hellmann /Frank Byrne /Annette Garvin-Johnson /John Cook /Cathy Poths-Jaeger / Sean Keating



Class of 1960 - 50th Class Reunion
July 30 - 31st / Aug. 1st 2010

Seated: Left to Right Ann Kelly-Hellmann /Jean Ann Klein-Litchfield /Patty Thompson-Swain /Margaret Ury-Calvin /Peggy Shook-Osman /Charlotte Hanley-Hardcastle / Annette Garvin-Johnson
Second Row: Left to Right

Kay Codding-Benson /Anna Boyke-Rukes /Sharon Kuckewich-Dick /Lois Bronnert-Walsh /Katie Osburn-Templeton

Third Row: Left to Righ Sean Keating /Patt Allen /Diane Elmerick-Trackwell /Margaret Diver-Mastron /Rita Fisher-Persinger /Martha Kulinski-Dowell /Jerry McCormick /John Gedrick /Barbara Schneider-Lindeman / Cath Poths-Jaeger /Linda Davis-Hawkins / Phyllis Stwart-Hodge /Cookie Thompson-Dooley /Beverly Vard-Alabaugh /Ed Walter /Connie Pulsford-Evelo /John Cook

Back Row: Left to Right

Jack Duby /Lloyd Utz /Frank Byrne /David Elmerick /John Kovach /Larry Thomas /Donn Grannan /Jerry Hellmann /Bernie Bray /Tony Cahill /John Pfister



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