This page is dedicated to those Schulte Teachers and Students
that have gone to serve GOD!

Class of 1957

Class of 1958


Class of 1959

Class of 1960





Father Joseph Beechem was a teacher and principal
for Schulte High School, Terre Haute, for 20 years.

Feb. 12, 1916 thru Feb. 4, 1999

Jim Berger was a teacher and Coach (Basketball & Baseball)
Oct. 1, 1927 thru July 24, 2013
Check here for Jim's OBIT

Joseph W. Frisz
May 31, 1928 -- April 3, 2014
Assistant coach, Taught Mechanical Drawing, Algebra and advance Algebra

Check here for Joe's OBIT



Listed below are the Sisters of Providence that were teachers
at Schulte during 1953 through 1959.  The sisters are listed
alphabetically by their “first” name, as we all would have known
them, to make them easier to find.

Sister Agnes Aloyse Hille RIP 12/14/1988
Sister Agnes Carolyn Wilwerth

RIP 07/15/1986

Sister Agnes Lucile Pender

RIP 11/20/1988

Sister Ann Joachin Healy RIP 12/14/1988
Sister Catherine Louise Soragham

RIP 03/23/1965

Sister Clotilde Flaherty RIP 02/18/1975
Sister Edna Marie Hugenard RIP 06/13/1970
Sister Francis Jerome Fletcher RIP 01/03/1966
Sister Estelle   RIP
Sister Francis Theodore O'Toole RIP 09/03/2000
Sister Gertrude Margaret Matthews RIP 05/16/1983
Sister Jean Margaret Kaindl RIP 05/10/2003
Sister Marie Carmel Dalton RIP 09/18/1974
Sister Marie James Hanton RIP 09/23/1965
Sister Marie Monica Slingsby RIP 10/12/1979
Sister Marie Virginia Davis RIP 07/15/1975
Sister Mary Agnita Hanafin RIP 02/12/1993
Sister Mary Gertrude Schuckman RIP 10/27/1989
Sister Mary Huberta Rauner RIP 06/18/1993
Sister Paula Meany RIP 06/22/1971
Sister Petra Daschbach RIP 01/12/2012
Sister St, Vincent O'Malley RIP 12/26/1980

Thomas Mary

Meade RIP 09/03/1994
Sister Winifred Ryan RIP 11/02/2001
Sister Winifred Ann Mullaney RIP 05/02/1978
I would like to give a huge thanks to Sister Marianne Mader,
Researcher Sister of Providence Archives, (Owens Hall)
and Dick Dillon for their help in complying this list


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